Sport and Recreation Equipment​

We supply sports and recreation equipment for different purpose like gyms equipment and multi-purpose indoor and outdoor courts. Also, we provide playground and recreation equipment accessories.

Sport Equipment

The product line includes ice hockey arena accessories, tennis court accessories, tennis sports, sport netting, volleyball, squash and badminton equipment, golf accessories, gym mats, landing surfaces, gymnasium divider, curtains, netting, wall padding, goal frames, benches.

Playground System

Creative play environments, kid’s fitness equipment and electronic outdoor systems feature age-appropriate playground equipment designed to promote child development.

Track Drainage System

Improper drainage can cause serious problems for running tracks if sub-surface moisture infiltrates the base under the asphalt, it can make the asphalt unstable. The result can be cracks in the asphalt, heaving or settling, bubbling and surface failure.
We provide drainage systems for running track not only offer a drainage facility, but also provide the necessary perimeter around the edge of the tracks, making them on ideal combination.


Installed around the perimeter of football pitches, tennis courts, multi-use games areas and other playing fields, to protect spectators and nearby buildings.
We provide galvanized and pvc coated fencing system in a wide range of colors.

Scoring Boards

Various size boards for different games for keeping score, measuring time and displaying statistics.

Bleacher / Mass Seating

The dimensions, shape and color of the structure and seats are adapted to the client needs and can be prepared for use in both outdoor as well as indoor environments, retractable bleacher systems or fixed seating.