Sports Flooring System

We supply sports and recreation equipment for different purpose like gyms equipment and multi-purpose indoor and outdoor courts. Also, we provide playground and recreation equipment accessories.

Artificial Grass

The best alternative option for natural grass in sport fields. New artificial pitches now come closer than ever to matching the performance of natural grass, both in terms of their functionality and natural properties. It combines the positive attributes of natural materials with the advantages of high performance artificial material.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring comes in different forms including rolls, tiles, and granules.
EPDM is 100% dyed through, which means it keeps its color over the long term and is environment and health-friendly.

Safety Rubber Decks

Rubber flooring system designed for use in wet areas with barefoot traction. Created as an alternative to concrete and other conventional materials.

Acrylic Flooring

It combines many features: variable cushion thickness achievable, water based, optimized force reduction, fast installation, low maintenance cost, long lasting with excellent durability, consistent pace.
Acrylic is ITF classified to medium pace, pre-fabricated underlay: SBR rubber roll base mat, slip resistance 70 Dry and 91 Dry TRRL Pendulum Consistent ball bounce, multiple layer water based, non-porous, 100% acrylic coating.

Hardwood Flooring

Uses permanent and portable hardwood sport surfaces that are engineered with the players and facilities in mind.
We offer a variety of hard maple floor systems perfect for sports such as basketball, volleyball and racquetball.

Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane or PU sport floors are known for their guaranteed top quality for all kinds of sports in all possible climates across the world.
The high slip resistance and the outstanding wear resistance make the PU sports system the right choice for many athletes.

Outdoor Playground Flooring

Elastic, safety wet-pour flooring applied at site in various thicknesses. It can create many designs and patterns in a variety of EPDM colors.