Sports Solutions

We supply sports and recreation equipment for different purpose like gyms equipment and multi-purpose indoor and outdoor courts. Also, we provide playground and recreation equipment accessories.

Polyurethane Flooring

  • Sports courts
  • Running Track
  • Multi purpose Sports courts
  • Commercial

Vinyl Flooring

  • Multi purpose Sports courts
  • sports courts

Pool Surface

  • Swimming pools surfaces
  • Water parks
  • Kids’ water play area

Acrylic Flooring

  • Sports courts
  • Running Track
  • Multi purpose Sports courts
  • Commercial

Hardwood Flooring

  • Squash and basketball court
  • Multi purpose Sports courts
  • Entertainment and recreation e.g.
    Dancing floors

EPDM Surface

  • Running Track
  • Walking path
  • Fitness and Gym
  • Playground
  • Swimming Pool
  • Entertainment & Recreation
  • Commercial

Artificial Grass

  • Football stadium
  • Landscape

Sport Accessories Equipment

  • Soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, tennis equipment.
  • Benches, seats
  • Lighting
  • Fence
  • Padding

Outdoor Fitness

  • Public areas
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Commercial uses

Padel Sport Solution

Padel Tennis Court, is what you get when you combine the best elements of tennis & squash and disregard the annoying aspects of these sports. It is generally played in doubles, and the ball is allowed to touch the surrounding walls after it bounces off the floor.

Padel rules[8] states that the playing field should be a rectangle 10 meters (32 ft. 10 in) wide (back wall) and 20 metres (65 ft. 7 in) long (side wall) (with a 0.5% tolerance), enclosed by walls. The superstructure is made from connecting 3m high x 2m wide panels, with an additional 1m mesh height over the glass back walls (10m walls). This additional 1m height is continued for 2m from each corner over the side walls also.

The Padel structure construction provides excellent structural stability for the wind loads and also meets special and extremely structural requirements